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Traffic Management Guidelines

The purpose of the Traffic Management Guidelines manual is to provide guidance on a variety of issues including traffic planning, traffic calming and management, incorporation of speed restraint measures in new residential designs and the provision of suitably designed facilities for public transport users and for vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians (including those with mobility/sensory impairments). It also focuses on how these issues must be examined and implemented in the context of overall transportation and land use policies.

The Guidelines, whilst origninally published in 2003, remain relevant in certain areas and circumstances. The manual will be updated in the near future and updates will be published here.

Dark Wood Panels
G. Parking
C. Speed Management and Traffic Calming
E. Vulnerable Road User


A. Traffic Management and Sustainability
B. Consultation and Monitoring
F. Public Transport
D. Junctions
C. Speed Management and Traffic Calming
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