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Bridge Asset Management Project

These Guidelines have been produced to assist those involved in the management of this asset to effectively record relevant details relating to the structure

Bridge Inventory Survey - BIS

  • Enable Local Authorities to compile a structures database relatively quickly

  • Create an inventory of bridges and culverts

  • Establish the existence of a structure

  • Location on Pavement Management System (PMS)

  • Map, type, materials, basic size, appearance

  • Photographs can be uploaded

Maintenance Inspections - MI

  • Users immediately carry out a maintenance inspection using the application

  • Inspection assigns a red, amber or green rating to the asset, under 6 headings

  • Completed before Engineering Inspection

Summary Progress Report No 8 Power Point
Summary Progress Report No 8 Power Point

Engineering Inspections - EI

  • BIS and MI Inspections to be completed first

  • Each element inspected and rated

  • Assigns a rating of 1-5 to the structure, under 14 headings

Summary Progress Report No 8 Power Point
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